Peripheral stent - Vascular endoprothesis.

The "F "Stent by Saint Côme Chirurgie

Interventional radiology and vascular surgery device.

The "F" and "FZ" Stents by Saint Côme Chirurgie are precision-engeneered flexible, low profile and atraumatic balloon expandable stents cut from biocompatible 316 Lvm stainless tube.

A patented articulation with two inflexion points seamlessly expandable cells offers optimal flexibility and conformability during stent placement while maintaining proven long-term patency and accurate placement is also enable by an improved mounting technique superior balloon crimping capability, and highly visible radiopacity, with no welding points or sharp edges, and an outstanding surfaces smoothness the F and FZ stents guarantee minimal trauma to the vessel wall and reliable delivery to hard-to-reach lestons.

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FZ -Scan.Preview. 01.a
Due to a multi-segmental geometry.
The FZ stent possesses enhanced flexibility and homogeneous deployment.

Conforms precisely to vessel anatomy and presents a very low profile.
stent-articulation PATENTED ARTICULATION
Each articulation strut possesses two inflexion points which allow the stent/balloon assembly to navigate tortuous paths with ease.
FZ-Scan.Preview. 02 b
stent dilate

The sequence of segments and articulations enables high longitudinal flexibility while maintaining high radial strength.


Peripheral lesion up to 60 mm length are now treatable with a single stent.

FZ-Scan. Preview 03 c
Broad range of sizes and configurations.
FZ-Scan. Preview 03 c
Solo stent

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