Djumbodis Dissection System
M coronary stent
F/ FZ peripheral stent
Solo coronary stent
PF peripheral stent
Brainer catheter
Brainy catheter

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Morphometric Bare Stent Endoprothesis for the Treatment of Aortic Dissections.
Coronary bare stent - Cardiovascular endoprosthesis.
Peripheral bare stent - Vascular endoprothesis.
Cardiovascular stent premounted on rapid exchange balloon catheter.
Vascular stent premounted on angioplasty balloon catheter.
Flow dependent infusion catheter.
Flow dependent infusion catheter for uterine arteries embolization.

Products and endoprotheses for interventional cardiology, vascular radiology and neuroradiology, vascular surgery and cardiac surgery.

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M coronary stent

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